Makita BHX2500CA Leaf Blower Review

If you want a fuel-powered handheld blower and do not want to fiddle around with less powerful battery or electricity-powered machines, than this handheld blower from Makita is a perfect choice for you! It is built to last, made by a reputable manufacturer from sturdy materials, making it durable yet sufficiently lightweight to be of use on the everyday basis.

Features of Makita BHX2500CA​

A lot of things set this blower apart from its competition. As we mentioned already, the quality of make is definitely one of those things. The other one is affordability. It is very difficult to find a blower that will continuously perform to such high levels without going all out and buying a professional grade machine. This blower gives you the feel and the performance of the real thing, without costing way too much.

  • 24.5CC power 4-stroke engine – The great thing about this machine is that the engine requires no fuel mixing, meaning that you will be spending less time preparing and more time doing the actual task at hand!
  • Compact design – Thanks to how it was engineered, this blower only weights about 10 pounds. That is significantly lighter than others in its category, and thanks to the nice distribution of weight, it is not difficult to carry around.
  • Variable speed control – You can vary the speed of the blower and it will go up to 150 mph. Use the highest setting to move wet leafs or heavy debris while working in your backyard, and lower the speed if you need things done around the house.

Advantages of Makita BHX2500CA

  • Blower/Vacuum – Other than being an excellent blower, this machine also doubles as a vacuum. This is great for tackling wet leafs and grass that are sometimes hard to blow in a pile.
  • Quieter than most – This is one of the quietest blowers while in idle mode, and even when you are working, the noise level is well below the recommended threshold. This is an important consideration as loud noise can damage your hearing and your relationship with your neighbors!
  • Reduced emissions – Thanks to careful and smart design, this blower is completely CARB compliant, meaning that it honors even the strictest laws that concern emissions. You can use it in every state and be certain that you are well within the law.

As with everything, there is a small kink with this blower as well. Some users note that the air intake is located on the left side. This means that right-handed people will be pressing the intake against their leg, which might cause overheating as it will be blocked. Keeping that in mind and giving the machine some breathing space, means that it will work perfectly, so it is not really a deal-breaker!

Bottom Line​

This Makita BHX2500CA Commercial Grade 4-Stroke 24.5cc Handheld Blower is a great choice for people who have slightly larger surfaces they need to clean on a regular basis and the power delivered by battery powered blowers simply won’t cut it. The great thing about it is the fuel tank; at 18 ounces it enables you to tackle larger jobs without worrying about shaving to refill the tank. Truly, a great catch!​

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