Leaf Blower Repair Instruction

Leaf Blower Repair Instruction

The role a leaf blower plays is too significant to go unnoticed. A leaf blower gives your compound an elegant look by facilitating quick collection of leaves. Though, it can succumb to damage needing repairs. Doing repairs is a process which must be performed precisely. In this article, we will shed light on leaf blower repair procedures.

Make it a habit to keenly assess the entire leaf blower. This is the first important thing to do to find out if there are any components that need to be repaired. It is out of this assessment that the needed repairs are determined and effected. Below is a list of components that can necessitate repair.​


When a carburetor is clogged, it is due to prolonged existence of fuel in a leaf blower. This results in evaporation of the fuel leading to a fuel remnant that is very thick. The thick substance clogs the carburetor. The carburetor can be repaired by using a carburetor cleaner to clean it. If this fails, the only option is to acquire a new carburetor.

Spark Plug

To be certain that a spark plug needs repair, a spark plug tester should be used. This is best done when the engine has started running. If little or no spark is detected, the spark plug should be repaired. A gapping tool is the most appropriate for repairing a spark plug. It enables realization of accurate gaps for the spark plug. When embarking on spark plug repair, the boot and the wire that is linked to the plug must be cleaned. The spark plug connections have to be assessed as well.

Although an individual can repair a spark plug, some spark plug issues might be beyond one’s knowledge. The challenging spark plugs issues can be addressed by an expert.

Air Filter

An air filter is at risk of accruing dirt through its foam pads. Cleaning it can help in removing the dirt collected. If it is so dirty that it cannot be cleaned, replacement is vital.

Pull Cord​

A pull cord is prone to breakage. It is one of the most common repair issues in the leaf blower. An overview of the procedure involved in repairing a pull cord entails:​

  • Removing the damaged pull cord from the starter pulley carefully.
  • Inserting a new pull cord with precision to ensure it exactly fits as the previous one in the pull cord assembly.
  • Fixing a screw to the middle part of the pulley to ensure it contents are safely held.

Plug Connection

An electric leaf blower relies on a source of power to operate. If the plug is not properly connected, the leaf blower will not work. Before making conclusions that you need a major repair for the plug, confirm it is properly connected to a source of power.​

In conclusion, a leaf blower getting damaged does not mean disposing it and getting a brand new. It is possible to repair it as shown in this article. You can decide to conduct the repairs on your own. If the confidence to do so is lacking, seek the services of a reputable repair shop.

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