Husqvarna 350BT Leaf Blower Review

This backpack blower from Husqvarna really packs a punch, and will help you get rid of even the most stubborn waste. While more expensive than your run-of-the-mill blowers, buying this means buying peace of mind, and resting assured that your yard word will no longer present an insurmountable workload! This piece of gardening equipment was specially designed for larger properties and big gardens.

Features of Husqvarna 350BT​

Built to last, Husqvarna 350BT is also very user-friendly. Made from quality materials by a reputable manufacturer with years of experience in the industry, this blower is sure to make your gardening and cleaning a lot easier. Let’s look at some of the features that it is equipped with.

  • Gas powered – Nothing beats a gas-powered engine when it comes to power. With its 2.1 horsepower, this blower can produce bursts of air up to 180 mph, sufficient to get rid of not only leafs and cut grass, but small to medium debris as well.
  • X-Torq patented gas engine – The new patented engine is designed to reduce emissions, keeping the environment safe, or, at least, safer. It also consumes less gas, so you will be able to cover more ground with a full tank.
  • Variable speed settings – This is a great feature that allows you to control just how much air you’re dishing out. Crank it up to full blast for removing debris, and lower it when you need to move loose leafs and such.
  • Ergonomic, integrated harness – The great thing about this backpack blower is its ergonomically designed harness that distributes weight evenly across your body, making it easier to carry and tiring you less.

Advantages of Husqvarna 350BT

  • Easy start – Sometimes it can be difficult to get gas powered blowers started. That is not the case with this one. The easy-start feature allows you to have it up and operational in the first go, without the need to tug on the starting cord over and over again.
  • Cruise control – If you have hours of work ahead of you set the machine on cruise control, adjusting the air flow and keeping it locked in place. Then simply move around, blowing away debris, without the need to constantly readjust the blower.
  • Emission compliant – Another great thing about this blower is the fact that it follows stringent rules regarding emissions. Some states regulate this heavily, and the low emissions of this machine allow meet even the toughest regulations.

Nothing is perfect, however, and this blower is no exception. Some users point out that it can be a bit on the loud side, especially if you are running it at full power. Adjusting the power output reduces noise levels significantly, so this is definitely not a deal breaker.

Bottom Line​

Husqvarna 350BT 50.2cc 2-Cycle X-Torq Backpack Blower is, hands down, one of the best choices for people with larger properties that they need to clean on regular basis. It allows you to run it without stopping for several hours at a time, making it a perfect choice for small companies and land owners that are particular in keeping their grounds clean and tidy!​

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