GreenWorks 24252 Leaf Blower Review

Here we have another excellent battery powered blower geared toward industrious homeowners with small backyards and gardens that they like to keep especially clean and tidy! The main selling point of this machine is, of course, the ease with which you can move around your backyard and patio as you are not restricted by a cord or lugging a large, cumbersome backpack blower!

Features of GreenWorks 24252

This GreenWorks blower has a lot going for it, from being completely independent and cordless, to being lightweight and maneuverable. A great product from a reputable manufacturer, this blower is definitely a top choice of many people who need an easy-to-use, no fuss machine.​

  • Battery powered – This blower is power by a Lithium Ion battery so it is very practical for clearing small patches around your house and workshop without having to hassle with oil and gas, or cords on electrical blowers.
  • Variable speeds – The speed setting are completely adjustable, and you can pre-set them with a particular task in mind. The highest setting goes up to 150 mph; use this to clear wet leafs or larger debris from your patio or backyard.
  • Lightweight, robust design – This blower is a quality made product built from durable materials. On the other hand, it is also very lightweight so you won’t tire excessively while using it.

Advantages GreenWorks 24252

  • Easy to use and maintain – Power up your battery, plug it in the blower and you are ready to go! There is no need to mess about with gas and oil if you do not own a huge patch of land! This blower is easy to maintain as well, simply wipe it off and store it in the corner! The detachable nozzle means it can be easily stored without taking too much space!
  • No battery memory loss – This battery does not fade off with time as some are prone to doing! This battery will hold a full charge for a long time and its service hours won’t diminish over time!
  • Relatively quiet – Great thing about battery operated blowers is that they are relatively quiet when compared to other types! This one is in the 80-decibel range, meaning it won’t hurt your ears, and it won’t annoy your neighbors!
  • GreenWorks battery compatible – If you have other GreenWork products in your shed, you will be happy to hear that their batteries are compatible with this device! This means that you can carry on working while charging a spare battery at the same time!

There are some minor drawbacks with this product, however, but then again, all products have a small kink somewhere. Some users report that the battery will only last around 45 minutes if used continuously. This might be a problem for users that have large surfaces to clean and maintain, but if you’re using it in your garden or for cleaning your patio, it will not be an issue!

Bottom Line​

GreenWorks 24252 G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Cordless Variable Speed Sweeper is one of the best lightweight blower choices for budget conscientious buyers currently on the market. It packs a decent punch and will work with you to get that patio and garden back to shape in no time. Save plenty of time by using it to blow away leafs and small debris, and forget about using a rake ever again!​

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