Common Reasons Why a Leaf Blower Won’t Start

Common Reasons Why a Leaf Blower Won't Start

A leaf blower is fundamental in maintaining your compound clean at all times. A leaf blower depends on its internal engine to execute its tasks. For this engine to serve a leaf blower as required, it must have air, spark and fuel. If any of these three components are not able to enhance the capability of the engine, a leaf blower will definitely not start. Let us delve deeper into reasons that undermine a leaf blower’s functioning abilities.

Inefficient Air Flow Into the Engine​

For a good leaf blower to function effectively, air must properly flow into the engine. If this does not happen, your leaf blower will not start. An air filter is responsible for ensuring air gets into the engine. When dirt collects around or inside the air filter, air supply to the engine will be restricted. Engine failure will occur rendering the lead blower ineffective.

Inefficient Removal of Air From the Engine​

Air is removed from a leaf blower’s engine through what is known as a muffler. The muffler is endowed with a metal screen. The purpose of the metal screen is to inhibit evasion of ignited residues. At times, clogging of the metal screen occurs making it difficult for air to be removed from the engine. This is followed by a buildup of carbon. Eventually, the exhaust is blocked by the carbon that builds up. A leaf blower is thus deprived of its power since the engine cannot start.

A Worn out Spark Plug​

This is another reason why a lead blower fails to start. The durability of the spark plug might have expired making it prone to damage. This is validated by symptoms in a leaf blower such as a damaged electrode, carbon build up and a cracked insulator. In this case, the spark plug has to be replaced to end your leaf blower challenges.

Compression Problems​

A leaf blower may have little or no pressure. This can cause a leaf blower hiccup. Pressure is vital to ensure all components of a leaf blower are coordinating activities in a similar manner. Inadequate pressure is evidenced by leaks near the piston and the crankcase. The presence of leaks is a clear indication of compression problems. The problems in turn make it impossible for a leaf blower to function.

Fuel Problems​

The engine needs plenty supply of quality fuel for the leaf blower to function. The fuel commonly used is gasoline. If the fuel supplied is of poor quality, the leaf blower will not start. How does fuel quality become an issue? Well, fuel can be stale. Stale fuel strips the engine of its ability to start. In fact, this is a very popular issue that makes leaf blowers fail to start. When this is the problem, one should consider supplying the tank with fresh fuel to replace the existing fuel which might be stale.​

In winding up, the above issues are some of the common reasons for a leaf blower failure. It is not easy to detect these issues in a leaf blower independently. For a proper diagnosis, contact an expert to examine your leaf blower and exactly pinpoint the issues.

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