Buffalo Tools Mighty Pro Leaf Blower Review

If you are on the market for a reliable, compact, and affordable blower you have found the right product for yourself! It might not be much to look at, being slightly bigger than a regular hair dryer, but you will be surprised at the power this versatile blower is packing. It is a great tool for cleaning out

Features of​ Buffalo Tools Mighty Pro Blower

There are several things that set this product apart from regular leaf blowers. You have been struggling for years with those cumbersome blowers that are just too heavy to keep lugging around! If you are anything like us, after you give this one a try, you will be done with all the others and you will have found your new go-to tool for cleaning around the house and in your garden. So let’s take a look at the features you will be getting with it.

  • Small and compact – The size of this blower makes it a very welcome addition to tool shades and gardening sheds that are space-challenged. Since there are even hair-dyers bigger than it, you can imagine how finding a bit of extra shelf space for it to lay on presents no problems.
  • Electric power source – It has a cord that plugs in and it is powered by the old, run of the mill, house electricity. This has plenty of advantages over gas fueled or battery powered blowers. If you have a long enough extension cord, this baby will keep on working!
  • Decent power output – With its 13,000 RPM, this blower packs a considerable punch. While not the strongest machine on the market, it certainly is one in its price category. Its output is more than sufficient for cleaning patios and gardens without ever having to touch a rake again!

Advantages of Buffalo Tools Mighty Pro Blower

  • Lightweight – It only weighs about three pounds so it is very practical for around the house use. The handle fits perfectly into your hand, and lightness of the machine ensures that even after a considerable time of use, you will not get tired or uncomfortable.
  • Versatile – It is great for blowing out all sorts of debris, not just fallen leafs and dirt. You can also use this blower to spruce up your furniture, especially carpets, sofas and armchairs. Give it some thought and you will find plenty of uses for it!
  • Warranty – This blower comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Not the most comprehensive or longest warranty, but still surprising given the affordability of the product!

This handheld corded blower is not without its faults, however. The cord is only six feet long so it necessitates the use of an extension cord, but so do almost all corded blowers. There are some reports of the nozzle coming off during use. If this happens, scotch-tape can provide a quick fix.

Bottom Line

Mighty Pro Blower from Buffalo tools in a great, affordable product that is a lifesaver if you have a small patio or a backyard. Easily operated and compact, it enables you to quickly get rid of fallen debris in your garden without having to strain yourself by using rakes or carrying large, cumbersome leaf blowers around! Order it now, and save up considerable time when cleaning out your garden!​

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