Best Techniques for Using a Leaf Blower

Best Techniques for Using a Leaf Blower

Maybe it is that season that leaves fall every now and then creating a mess on the compound. If you have a leaf blower, you can sort out the mess easily. When using a leaf blower, your greatest desire is always to make the very best out of it. This becomes a reality especially when you have an excellent leaf blower. Your compound will be freed of an ugly site of debris within minutes. How do you do that? This article offers quality techniques to enable you to maximally use a leaf blower. They entail the following.

Choose a Suitable Working Day​

In using a leaf blower, timing is of the essence. A suitable working day is one that has promising weather. Favorable weather translates to relatively dry leaves. Dry leaves present very few challenges when blowing. On the other hand, if the weather is gloomy, blowing leaves will be a mountainous task. You should not attempt blowing leaves on such a day. In case it rained the previous night, do not think of blowing leaves the next day. Wet leaves pose a big burden and blowing becomes a strenuous and difficult task. A windy day can be great if the wind is in line with the direction you desire the leaves to follow.​

Plan Your Yard or Compound​

Planning in this case involves dividing the compound into smaller sections. Smaller sections enable coordinated efforts when blowing the leaves. In each section, create a pile of the debris rather than focusing on one huge pile.

Regulate the Leaf Blower's Settings

This is necessary when working on areas around a walkway or sidewalk. The settings should be at a minimum level to achieve sufficient control when blowing leaves or grass clippings.​

Stick to a Specific Direction​

When blowing leaves, it advantageous to follow a consistent pattern in terms of the direction you direct the leaves. Changing direction while you are in the middle of the blowing session is unhealthy. The leaves can be blown back to areas you have already cleaned. Obviously, you do not want to do double work.

Observe Safety Measures​

Your desire is to have a fulfilling experience when using a leaf blower. This cannot happen if becomes more of a threat to you instead of a working tool. Wearing goggles protects your eyes from the debris blown towards them when using a leaf blower. The noise that emanates from a leaf blower is too much to bear. The noise is around 70 to 75 decibels. It can cause extreme damage to your ears. Thus, ear muffs are a great way of shielding yourself from the negative effects of the noise. You should also choose your clothes wisely. Opt for long sleeved clothes to limit injuries that can occur. You might also want to consider wearing gloves to ensure your hands are not exposed to dirt and cuts. Lastly, at no one time should you point the leaf blower’s working part towards the direction of other people. You can accidentally expose them to harm.​

As discussed above, a leaf blower is effectively exploited when one observes correct timing, good planning and safety techniques.​

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