Cheap Snow Blowers

Best Cheap Snow Blowers

Nobody likes to throw away hours and hours every morning on cleaning snow. Especially if that means you’ll be late for work. If you are tired of shoveling and you are ready to buy snow blower than this is the best place to start. You probably already noticed that every snow blower has a pretty nice price next to it, and that might not me something you were expecting. At some point in time, we all were at that place when we need to judge the quality and the price. But, luckily for you, we are here to help you pick a cheaper snow blower and still have a high-quality product that won’t let you down for a few years.

In this segment of the article, we will focus on the price range a good, yet cheap snow blower can go. The cheapest snow blower is definitely around $100; of course, there are even cheaper than this, but you don’t want to bother with them. Even thought they might endure first year, every other that comes will make your work a living hell (believe us). The top price isn’t something we will talk about because there is no point. Depending on your budget you will judge is it cheap or expensive.

Cheap Snow Blowers: What to Look For​​

Even though you can find good snow blowers for really low prices you have to know that they are not made for snowfalls over 15 cm. Keep in mind that lower price means lower grade materials and lesser power in the motors. Even thought market offers, both, electric and gasoline types for low prices they are built to clean smaller amounts of snow faster than shoveling. These snow blowers are usually used for smaller sidewalks, and most common customers are the ones that live in buildings.

But, nevertheless, they are really great machines and if you decided to get one for yourself we will help you on the way. Here we’ll point out some of the most crucial features you need to look for when picking out the best cheap snow blower.

  • Clear width – This one is the most important feature because it determines how fast will you do the job. Usually, these types of snow blower have clear width somewhere between 25 and 50 cm. It is only logical to notice that larger width has the capability to clean snow faster, but on the other hand, you should think do you really need it. By that we mean, does your sidewalk really need it and usually they have higher prices.
  • Weight – Sometimes these snow blowers can weight much more than intended. The reason behind this is the cheap material that is inside. Sometimes manufacturers put in some lower quality metal because plastic is much more expensive. Not only will that make your maneuvering much more problematic, but you might have to clean the rust every few weeks. Our advice is that even if it might cost you a few dollar more, look for the lighter snow blower; it will make your like much easier.
  • Durability – And finally, last but not least, durability. Even though manufacturers boast about how their snow blower last over 10 years even though they are cheap we like to take that information with a little dose of caution. Even though there are some that really last 10 years, it is quite hard for them to last any more than that. But on the other hand, if you invested around $250 for a snow blower and it lasted more than 4 years you got yourself a really good investment. Our advice is to scrape a year or two from every label that guarantees specific year.

We hope that this short article was more than enough to show you and help you find the proper snow blower for a lower price than usual. Keep in mind that this only for informational and educational purposes only.